Bare metal restore fails immediately


Bare metal restore fails immediately



This article address troubleshooting steps that should be taken in a bare metal restore is attempted but immediately fails.

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Unitrends Recovery Series

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To attempt a bare metal restore you must first boot to the bare metal media created from the Unitrends Windows agent or the Unitrends system console*.  If a bare metal restore is launched from the bare metal media and the restore fails within 10 seconds, the following troubleshooting steps should be taken.


*The recommended method for creating bare metal media is performed from the protect server or another Windows server of the same operating system.


To troubleshoot a bare metal restore that fails within 10 seconds of its attempt, follow these steps:

  1. Verify that the IP address listed in the Unitrends System under Settings > Clients, Networking, and Notifications > Networks > Hosts is correct for the protected clients.  If not, correct the IP address and recreate the BareMetal media for the protected client.
  2. Verify that the protected server or another server or device is not on the network using the same IP address at the BareMetal media.
  3. Verify that the network driver required for the bare metal media operating system has been loaded.  This can be done in the BareMetal GUI Hardware Confirmation options
  4. Verify that the NIC card being used by the BareMetal media connected to the network.  Once the physical connections are validated, the diagnostic tools on the BareMetal media can be used to test the connection.  
For Instructions on creating the BareMetal Click on the following links:
  1. BareMetal Creation Video
  2. Admin Guide - BareMetal Creation


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