Windows Instant Recovery Client (on VMware) in Audit Mode Boots up in WinPE


Windows Instant Recovery Client (on VMware) in Audit Mode Boots up in WinPE



To provide a resolution if the user has created a Windows Instant Recovery (WIR) client (location VMware) and Audit mode boots up in WinPE mode on a 7.4.0 DPU/UEB.

(This is a Unitrends internal document and this information applies to release 7.4 or later.)


If you attempt to do the following:

1)      Create a WIR Client with location on VMware.

2)      Successfully restore the master to the client.

3)      Successfully enter Audit mode for the WIR Client.

You do not see the OS from the command window but you see the Windows baremetal agent window instead.


When you attempt to enter Audit mode for the WIR Client, the VMware host is overloaded and the shutdown operation to enter Audit mode does not complete the operation in a specified period of time and times out. At this point the OS had not been prepared to be loaded and the call to enter Audit mode loads the agent instead of the OS.


1)      On the DPU/UEB, edit the master.ini file and add the following to the section [restore_daemon]

2)      From the command line on the DPU/EUB where the change was made in the master.ini file type /usr/bp/bin/restore_daemon –r to reload the setting you just added.

3)      Exit Audit mode.

4)      Re-enter Audit mode.

See the Windows Instant Recovery section in the Unitrends Administrator's Guide for more information.


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