SQL database differentials are not processing in Audit or Live Mode Windows Replicas


Windows Replicias brought into Live or Audit mode that contain SQL database chains with differential backups may fail to replay the database into production after boot.


When booting a Windows Replica containing SQL VDI Differential backup chains, those databases may fail to automatically replay and launch in production during the audit test or live recovery. 


This issue is resolved by upgrading the Appliance and client agent to 10.3.2.  If this is a production restore in live mode, and additional backups cannot be taken using a new agent before booting live, contact Unitrends Support who can assist in manual replay of the databases into production.  

Steps to resolve: 

  1. Upgrade the Unitrends Appliance and associated Windows Agent to release in the protected SQL asset to 10.3.2 or higher.  
  2. Perform any file level backup type (full or incremental) of the SQL server.  New SQL backups are not required, only file level.  
  3. Allow the new backup to recover into the Windows Replica which shoudl occur automatically in time.  This may be monitored on the Replicas Tab under the Jobs Page.  Select your SQL server replica and click details.  
  4. Once the job is recovered, you may boot the server into audit mode and verify the databases now properly replay and become active.  



This issue was identified impacting only Replicas using Windows Agents including SQL databases where the databases were manually configured for VDI instead of the default VSS backups and where the backup chain contained a differential backup.  This is an issue with the script used to replay the data and is not an issue with the data itself.  Performing a backup of a system containing the 10.3.2 agent will restore the updated script into the replica automatically without additional action.  

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