Conflict with volume using D:\ and the CD device on the virtual failover client (VFC)


This article explains the conflict when you have a D:\ volume as well as a CD device.


If the original client has multiple volumes and one is the D:\ drive, in Audit mode and Live mode the CD device conflicts with the volume drive letter D:\. Due to the volume conflict, the D:\ volume of the original client is mounted as a different drive letter or without a drive letter when the VFC is booted in Audit mode or Live mode.


To resolve the conflict, perform the following steps:

  1. Connect to the virtual failover client (VFC) using VNC viewer.
  2. Open Disk Management by clicking Start, right-click on Computer, and select Manage.
  3. Select the CD/DVD device shown, right-click and select Change Drive Letters and Path.
  4. Change the drive letter to an unused volume letter by clicking the Change button.
  5. Repeat the volume renaming process of the previous step for the data volume formerly known as D:\.

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