Backup and Restore an ACL for a NAS


Description on the details of whether an ACL can be backed up and restored for a NAS


When restoring files and folders for a NAS, permissions for those folders could be missing.


There are two different types of protocols that can be used to backup a NAS- NDMP and CIFS/NFS.  NDMP is a higher level protocol that can pull ACL information from the NAS, whereas CIFS / NFS backups only retrieves files from the NAS.  

In most cases, CIFS/NFS is going to be used, which will only allow the files to be backed up.  In the case that these files are restored, they will be restored without the ACL information, so all permissions on these folders and files will be lost.  

NDMP protocol can be used to keep the ACL information, but licensing specifically for NDMP will be needed.  The customer's Account Manager will need to set up this specific licensing. 

For more information, please see the Administrators Guide, Determining how to protect a NAS

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