iSeries: Restore to an Alternate Server Failed


iSeries: Restore to an Alternate Server Failed



If you restore an iSeries backup with the following conditions:

  • Restore to an alternate server (ex. Client A ==> Client B)
  • The destination server is running older OS400 release (ex. V5R4 ==> V5R3)
  • Restore to an alternate path (ex. /home/user ==> /home/user_rst)

Then the restore will fail with the following error:

[HH:MM:SS] [T00] backupFTP[ftp.c,2711]: RST command failed

  550 File cannot be restored, displayed, or listed.


Restoring to an alternate server that is running an older OS400 release is not supported due to differences in the SAVF file format and RST command.


Restore to a server running the same or newer OS400 release.




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