To Recover files to a linux machine by mounting the iscsi LUN


Admin guide pull to Recover files to a linux machine by mounting the iscsi LUN


Use these steps to mount the iSCSI LUN to the target machine and copy the files.

  • In the appliance UI, select Recover and click the File Level Recovery tab
  • Select the recovery object and click Show Details.

Recovery objects display with the following details: the name of the VM asset for which the object was created, the status of the object, the date and time it was created, the length of time it has existed on the appliance, and whether it can be accessed through iSCSI or CIFS.

  • Note the full path of the iSCSI mount point directory that displays in the File Level Recovery Details window. You will need this path to mount the iSCSI object on the target machine. The mount point is normally: /iscsi_flr.
  • Log in to the recovery target.
  • Enter the following command to change to the /tmp directory:

cd /tmp

  • Run the following command to copy the iscsi_flr script from the backup appliance:

wget http://<appliance IP>/iscsi_flr

  • After the script downloads, add the execute permission:

chmod +x iscsi_flr

  • Run the following command to mount the recovery object:

./iscsi_flr mount

  • ​​​​​​Enter the appliance IP address:

# Enter address of the Unitrends backup system: <appliance IP>

  • Enter the full path of the mount point directory. The full path is likely: /iscsi_flr. This procedure uses /iscsi_flr as an example. Be sure to enter the actual mount point that was displayed in the appliance UI.

# Enter mount point directory (full path): /iscsi_flr

  • Discovered iSCSI targets display. Choose the target that contains the appliance IP by entering its number. In this example, session 1 is the appliance target:

# Choose a session to restore from: <sessionNumber>

  • Verify that the mounted iSCSI disk is online. If not, bring the drive online.
  • Change to the mount point directory to access the files. For example:

cd /iscsi_flr

  • Move selected files to another location on the local machine.
  • Run the following command from the /tmp directory to disconnect from the LUN:

./iscsi_flr unmount


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