What is the Data Copy Access Agent for Hyper-V VMs?


This article describes the functionality provided by the Unitrends DCA Hyper-V Agent


The Data Copy Access Agent for Hyper-V VMs is installed on protected Hyper-V VMs guest and is used by Copy Data Management.

When a Data Copy Access Job is run by the Copy Data Management feature, the Hyper-V DCA agent enables the following features:

  • Re-IP used to assign a new IP address to the restored VM within CDM
  • Application test used to run scripts against Exchange and SQL applications or to run custom scripts in a restored VM
  • Security scan a new feature in 10.1 that will run antivirus scans inside a restored VM to check for malware and viruses
The Hyper-V DCA agent should be installed on the Hyper-V VM guest prior to backup.

For a complete list of CDM requirements and installation instructions for the Data Copy Access Agent Hyper-V Agent, see the Copy Data Management section of the Administrator Guide.


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