Added Users, Now What?

Enrolling Users

Once a User is added by following the “Add users to your Organization” on the getting started page or via Directory Sync, depending on the onboarding policy put in place, the users might need to be provisioned in order for them to receive onboarding emails and have them get started.

Provisioning a User

  1. Please select the square box to the left of the user account. 
  2. Next Select the Muti-selector box at the top of the column.
  3. You can now select Update.
  4. To provision a User select Provisioning Policy "Provisioned", 
    Select: "Send email to user to activate their account".
    Select: "Require 2FA setup during activation"
  5. Select OK.

Note: This will show an option to “Send email to user to activate their account”.
This will then send the onboarding email to the email set on the user account for activating.
The user will receive an email where they will be guided through the onboarding process. 


Additional Help

For assistance adding a user, please see the our How do I add a user? KB. 

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