Passly Mobile - End of Support

Passly Mobile

Passly previously released the Passly mobile application for iOS and Android mobile devices a few years ago. This application was created to allow MSP Technicians to access Passly Password Manager (fka, Password Server). The application supported authenticated access to Password records via the mobile application. 


End of life

Passly Mobile will be retired on Dec. 31st 2023.

This application was not widely adopted for Passly end-users. The application itself was limited in function to only Password record access. 

  • The application will be removed from the App stores on Dec. 31st 2023. 
  • No new installations will be supported after the App is removed from the App stores. 
  • Users with the application installed will be able to still use it however it will no longer receive any patch updates and users should transition to using a mobile browser. 


Accessing Passly on a Mobile Device

Passly can be accessed by any device capable of installing the latest versions of a supported browser. 

By accessing Passly via supported browsers users will have access to all of the features of their Passly tenant. 

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome
  • Edge (Chromium Core)
  • Firefox

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