When are Passly tenants deleted?

Passly IAM

Passly provides Identity Access Management to customers using a subscription based model. 

Passly tenants are separated by regions. 

  1. EU Region (European Union) with tenant URL style: https://(companyname).my.passly.eu
  2. Non-EU (All non-EU markets) with tenant URL style: https://(companyname).my.passly.com

When a Passly tenant is created an expiration date is assigned to it automatically. The expiration date is based on when the order was fulfilled and the duration of the purchased subscription.

So long as a client subscription is current or renewed the tenants stay in Active status. 

Tenant Disabling

If a Passly tenant subscription expires that tenant will be disabled. When a tenant is disabled the following will occur.

  1. Users will be unable to authenticate against any endpoints. 
  2. Password reset reminder emails will stop being sent. 
  3. The tenant can be re-activated for 30 days.
    After 30 days the tenant is archived and marked for deletion.
  4. Only the AOR - Account of Record (Primary administrator).will be able to login. 
    No other users will be able to login to the Passly tenant. 

Tenant Deletion

If a Passly tenant has been disabled for more then 30 days it will be marked as Archived. When a tenant is deleted the following will occur.

  1. Archived tenants will be deleted from the system after 90 days. Deletion is 100% data destruction. There is no way to recover a deleted tenant. 
  2. Deleted tenants cannot be re-enabled. 


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