Enabling Self-Service Reset options in Passly

Self-Service User Reset Options

Passly supports automated account recovery when enabled by Administrators of the Passly tenant. 

Administrator / Directory Manager Settings

Administrator / Directory Manager Role members have the ability to enable / disable the reset options for the organizations they manage. 

To modify your organizations Reset options please follow these steps. 

  1. Log into Passly https://(Companyname).my.passly.com 
  2. Select Directory Manager.
  3. Select the Specific Organization you wish to Manage.
    Note: You can edit an organization by clicking on the Organization name or via the pencil icon to the right of the row. 
  4. Select Edit under Password Policy. 
  5. Under Reset Options you will find the following settings. 
    Enable/Disable - Require code to reset - This options requires end-users to provide an authentication passcode in order to perform their reset options. 
    Enable/Disable Reset by SMS - This enabled and Disables the end-user ability to use the token reset. 
    Enable/Disable Reset via Email - This enabled and Disables the end-user ability to use the email password reset. 

  6. Select Save Changes. This will commit the reset settings for the chosen organization. 

If the options are enabled for Reset by SMS end-users should be able to enable their own reset options. 
Note: Administrators / Directory Managers cannot enable SMS reset for end-users. Each user will need to enable this option for their own personal account. 

User settings

When logged in to your Passly tenant Users have an option to setup their account Recovery. 

  1. Log into Passly https://(Companyname).my.passly.com 
  2. Select Settings in the top right corner under your displayed name.
  3. Select Setup your Phone under Recovery Phone Number. 
  4. Select the the appropriate Country.
  5. Enter the mobile number. 

    Note: Use of the SMS Reset options is subject to mobile data / usage. Enabling this function confir4med the user accepts the possible mobile carrier fees. 
  6. Select Verify to agree to receive SMS messages and understand that Mobile data / messaging rates may apply.
  7. Enter the code

  8. Select Prove it to confirm the user received the SMS message. 

  9. If the number was validated the user should now be able to select Finish to complete setup.

Using the SMS Reset

Users will trigger the SMS reset by navigating to the Passly sign-in page 

  1. Navigate to Https://(Companyname).my.passly.com/signin 
    Note: Replace (companyname) with your designated Passly domain.
  2. Select Forgot Password.
  3. Enter a valid username. 
  4. Select 2FA Token. This will trigger an SMS message to the users mobile device 
    Note: Standard mobile carrier rates & charges for all SMS usage.  
  5. Enter the Authentication Code received via SMS. 
  6. Select Reset 2FA token. 

    Note this will disable the existing token and force the user to enable a new token on their next login. 
    Note: User will not be able to access until they complete their token reset.
    Note: User will receive an SMS code when the above is selected, That SMS code will be used to allow that specific user to reset their own token. 
  7. Select Proceed to Login to complete the reset. 
  8. User will now be redirected to the tenant login page https://(Companyname).my.passly.com 
  9. Users will enter their username / password values and select Log in
  10. User will be prompted to setup a new authenticator in the Passly authenticator. 
  11. Select Let's get started to continue. 
  12. User will now enable their Passly authenticator. Open the application on the mobile device and follow the onscreen directions. 
  13. From here the user will have regular access to Passly once their token is enrollment is completed. 

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