How to migrate from AuthAnvil On-Premises to Passly

If you are or were an existing AuthAnvil On-Premises customer then switching to Passly is quite simple. There is no actual migration required. 

Once you have your new Passly tenant simply follow these simple steps.

  1. Add your Users.
    - Add the users manually How do I add a user? 
    - Use DirSync to enable Syncing users with Active Directory
    Note: Ensure that the usernames from AAoP and Passly are matching if you are not using AD username conventions.
    - Provision the Users. See this article.
  2. Ensure that your users have setup their new Authenticators
    Downloading the Passly Authenticator
  3. Determine what endpoints you are already using.
    - Kaseya VSA, Labtech, Connectwise, Autotask,
    - Windows Credential Providers, RADIUS etc.
  4. Update the SAS URL on the endpoints to reflect the new Passly URL.
    On-Prem style SAS URL
  5. Add any new integrations or endpoints.
    Single Sign-On Manager
  6. Once you have verified the endpoints are working as expected you can retire the AAoP 2FA/SSO server.
  7. If you are using AAoP Password Server please check out this article

 You should now have a fully functional Passly server that is integrated with all your previous endpoints.


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