What is a Supply Chain?


What is a Supply Chain?


Supply chains are a way for your SMB's to track their suppliers. Some cyberattacks against your company will come from exposures involving third-party vendors in your supply chain. The supply chain is intended to monitor Supply Chain companies to gauge the risk associated with vendors or 3rd parties partners like for example; a client's accounting firm. This feature gives Partners the ability to see the compromises of that 3rd party company from the last 90 days. However, passwords and Personal Identifying Information such as Date of Birth, Social Security, Adress, etc. will not be shown, only compromised emails.

Let's say your customer buys supplies from widgets.com. They might want to monitor emails being reported as breached from the email domain​ widgets.com and this would tell them, for example, if order@widgets.com is compromised. That way your client knows, hey let's not order from widgets.com right now until we validate with our sales rep.

So when this Supply chain is enabled on an organization, it will create a static "compromise" style report for those domains. This means instead of MSP's using up the live search for suppliers, we came up with this function to just monitor the suppliers.

If you would like to utilize Supply Chains, please reach out to your Account Manager to include this in your subscription.



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