Dark Web ID- Infusionsoft API Setup Instructions guide

Dark Web ID Infusionsoft Registration Process

Configure your account

Your Dark Web ID user account must be configured to allow integration access. Contactsupport@darkwebid.com or call 844-ID AGENT, and a customer support representative will assist you in enabling integration access for your user account.

Register your integration

Visit https://integration.darkwebid.com/infusionsoft/register

Login to Dark Web ID

You’ll first be prompted to log into your Dark Web ID account. This step verifies your access to Dark Web ID and ensures your user account is properly configured to use the Infusionsoft integration.


Login to Infusionsoft

This step will prompt you to log in to your Infusionsoft instance so that you can approve the integration’s access.


Approve integration access

You will be prompted to allow integration access between Dark Web ID and your Infusionsoft instance.


Configure your Infusionsoft campaign

Upon successful registration of your integration, your Dark Web ID API Authorization Key will be displayed. You will need this key to configure the HTTP POST step in your Infusionsoft campaign.

Go into campaign 20. Sales - ID Agent Campaign and go into the sequence: Tag to run a check
Tag that check is pending.


Double-click on the HTTP POST to configure it.


Configure your Infusionsoft campaign

You’ll need to edit the HTTP POST step in your campaign with the following
• POST URL: https://integration.darkwebid.com/infusionsoft/report
• contact_email: ~Contact.Email~ (This is case sensitive)
• access_key: the access key displayed on the registration complete screen


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