Statement on Flash Player dependencies in Kaseya VSA


We have released an updated version of our Agent Procedures and Service Desk procedures in Patch Release – 25 March 2020


Adobe will cease to support Flash Player in December 2020. 

Starting in July 2019, Google Chrome will disable Flash for all sites by default. 

VSA dependencies on Flash Player 

Currently, the editors for Agent Procedures and Service Desk procedures require Flash Player. 

Kaseya has already began updating the editors to remove the Flash Player dependencies. Planned GA release timescales for the updated editors: - 

  • Q1, 2020 for Agent Procedures 
  • Q1, 2020 for Service Desk 

Information for Google Chrome users 

Chrome has two settings available for Flash content: - 

  • Ask first (recommended) – the user will be prompted to allow or deny individual sites permission to run Flash Player. When using VSA, this prompt will appear when creating or editing an Agent Procedure or Service Desk procedure. This permission needs to be given again every time Chrome is restarted. 
  • Block sites from running Flash  Flash Player will be blocked for all sites. In this configuration, it is not possible to load create or edit an Agent Procedure or Service Desk procedure. 

As of v75, the “ask first” option is the default setting. This is likely to change in v76 so the “block sites” option will be the default. 

To continue using the Agent Procedure or Service Desk procedure editors after this update, go to Flash Player content settings (chrome://settings/content/flash) and apply the “Ask first” option. This will revert to the v75 default functionality where user will be prompted to allow Flash for each site. 


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