How do I get the new icons for TAP modules?


Icons for all my TAP modules show blank. 


The new UI with uses .svg files. For TAP modules, they have to be copied over on your Application server.

You will find the modified icons attached in this article which can be placed in your application server to fix this.

1. From the below list, choose the correct icon corresponding to the module you need the icon for.

ESET : Module id '138'

Datto : Module id '132'

MSPAssist : Module id '127'

Veeam :  Module id '134'

Webroot : Module id '160'

Symantec Endpoint protection : '135'

Greater Intell : Module id '137'

Imaging and Deployment : ImageDeployment.svg

APC SmartConnect : Module id '124'

Trend Micro : Module id '163'

2. Navigate to $:/Kaseya/WebPages/ITComplete/images/moduleIcons and place the required files in this folder. 

3. Clear cache for the site/browser to check if the icons are updated correctly. 

Applies to: On-Premise and above.





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