HTTP ERROR 403 error when using the KNM API


After the recent changes to the KNM API calls when trying to access the API as per the below help link, we are getting the below error.




To overcome this issue it is recommended that you use the API key.

Create an API key for your username by going to Network Monitor=>User=>My Settings->Basic properties and click new if there is no entry or copy the entry that already exists in the API Key: field.

Once you get the API key there would be a change in the URL's which would allow you to access the KNM API.

For example:
     <server url>/knm/extract.xsi?cmd=version&user=kadmin
     <server url>/knm/extract.xsi?cmd=version&user=kadmin&apikey=7779F00A07A14A1C58581262ADD250C8


Note: The API key generated is user-specific.

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