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Can KNMi kick off Agent Procedures?

Question: Can I run Agent Procedures from KNM?

Answer: Directly, you cannot run Agent Procedures natively through KNM.

Here is a Feature Request you should 'Like' to show this is an important feature for future inclusion in the product.

However, you can create a ticket in Service Desk using KNM's 'Ticket Alert Action', which has the ability to run procedures on Agent-based machines only.


  • Service Desk must be installed and you must have at least one Service Desk 'Desk license' eligible to create/install a unique desk for KNM Tickets
  • Ticketing Module must be disabled (You cannot use both Ticketing and Service Desk at the same time)
  • KNMi on your Kaseya Server (Note: Agent-less devices require an agent license to monitor them in KNM)

You can check this in System > License Manager > Licenses Tab:



If you do not have adequate licensing you can reach out to your account manager.

Instructions on how to perform this follow below.

Step 1:

Once you have verified licensing, it would be time to setup KNM to assign the  create a ticket action on the Folder/Network/Device you would like to run procedures on.

This can be found in KNM under the respective level you have selected using the Actions Tab:


In the above screen shot it will create tickets for all devices within the 'Home' Network. If you only want to create tickets for agent-based devices which can run Agent Procedures, it will need to be assigned on a device level.



Step 2:

Enable Service Desk in the VSA, which may be enabled already.

(You may need to disable Ticketing if it is enabled. Ticketing can be disabled by navigating to Ticketing > Email Reader)



Step 3: 

Install a Service Desk.

(In this example I used the template "Basic Customer Service Desk " )
Step 4:

Specify which Desk you want the alarms to get created in (This may vary depending on your SD implementation, in this example it is the only desk installed)
Step 5:
Create your Service Desk Procedure. This will require you to create a procedure in the Service Desk > Procedures Definition > Stage Entry or Exit page.
You should use the "ScheduleAgentProcedure" step and call the Agent Procedure you want to run on the machine:
Step 6: 
Edit the Service Desk Stage Processing steps to include this procedure as the ticket entry procedure:
Step 7:
Verify functionality - you should now see tickets created by agents executing your agent procedure. This can be verified in the Pending Procedures / Procedure History section in QuickView:
Additional Notes:
  • This will run the specified Service Desk Procedure on the Agents that create a new ticket (It will not run on agentless devices unless the procedure itself is designed for this)
  • Please account for any additional/existing Service Desks already in production before implementing changes
  • Additional automation and procedures can be built into the Service Desk logic

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