Enabling Debug Logging for Network Monitor

There are various issues in Network Monitor when enabling debug logging will provide more information about an issue, especially when there isn't a clear indication of a root cause from other logging, like Event Viewer and System Log. 


On the KServer

To enable debug logging, please navigate to <Windows Drive>\Kaseya\knm, open the init.cfg file and add the following lines:

In Kaseya 7.0, the debug logs will be written to <Windows Drive>\Kaseya\knm\logs. The debug files are:
  • debug.txt
  • response_message_type_log.txt
  • websocket_debug.txt


In Kaseya 8.0 and above, the debug logs will be written to <Windows Drive>\Kaseya\Logs\Services. The debug files are:
  • KaseyaNetworkMonitor.txt
  • KaseyaNetworkMonitor.response_message_type_log.txt
  • KaseyaNetworkMonitor.websocket_debug.txt

On the Gateways

To enable debug logging for the KNM gateway, the init.cfg file is located in the  <Windows Drive>\[Program Files|Program Files (x86)]\Kaseya\<Agent>\knm_gateway directory on the agent machine where the gateway is installed. Add the line:


For KNM gateways on the agent machines, the debug logs will be written to <Windows Drive>\[Program Files|Program Files (x86)]\Kaseya\<Agent>\knm_gateway\logs.

The Network Monitor services do not need to be restarted and should start writing immediately.

Please note that these steps for the KServer are only applicable to On-Premise customers.


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