Symbolic Link - Moving the Endpoint Downloads Folder to Another Drive

Problem: This folder can grow exponentially which can cause the KServer to go down as it consumes all available space.

Question: What is the best way or method for moving the "EndpointDownloads" folder to another drive or network share?

Answer: Follow these steps in the order below, please note that copying the files MUST be done first:

  1. Stop all Kaseya services
  2. Create a new EndpointDownloads folder in the directory of your choice (The name needs to be exact)
  3. Move all files from C:\Kaseya\EndpointDownloads to the new location in X drive (Use the directory created in step 2)
  4. Next, rename the original directory C:\Kaseya\EndpointDownloads to C:\Kaseya\EndpointDownloads_OLD
  5. Open CMD as admin and run the following command to create the symlink
    • mklink /D C:\Kaseya\EndpointDownloads X:\EndpointDownloads
      • (Update this command according to your drive configuration)
  6. Start all Kaseya services

Note: If you incur any issues don't hesitate to get in touch with Kaseya Support via this link and mention Support Ticket #1943531 for reference.

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