VSA EU SaaS Customers - Data Center Moves

Due to the ratification of the Brexit withdrawal agreement, and subsequent departure of the UK from the European Union, we will be moving your VSA SaaS instance from our UK data center to our new EU data center located Frankfurt, Germany.

Customers do not have to make changes to their VSA configuration or accounts, the URL you use to login to the VSA will change according to the table below.  

Upon first login after the data center move, your Two Factor Authentication will ask you to re-connect your Two Factor Authentication token by taking a picture of the on-screen QR code (as you did when you first set it up).  All other configuration data, login usernames/passwords remain the same and all of your agents will automatically connect to the new EU instance.


Move Date Your Current VSA Instance and Login URL Your New VSA Instance and Login URL Your New VSA IP Address*
April 24 https://ukvsa111.kaseya.net/ https://euvsa16.kaseya.net
April 24 https://saas15.kaseya.net/ https://euvsa17.kaseya.net
May 1 https://ukvsa110.kaseya.net/  https://euvsa14.kaseya.net
May 1 https://saas49.kaseya.net/  https://euvsa13.kaseya.net
May 1 https://saas42.kaseya.net/  https://euvsa07.kaseya.net
May 8 https://saas47.kaseya.net/  https://euvsa21.kaseya.net
May 8 https://saas4.kaseya.net/  https://euvsa02.kaseya.net
May 22 https://ukvsa109.kaseya.net/  https://euvsa09.kaseya.net
May 22 https://saas40.kaseya.net/  https://euvsa11.kaseya.net
May 22 https://saas48.kaseya.net/  https://euvsa12.kaseya.net
June 12 https://saas37.kaseya.net/  https://euvsa20.kaseya.net


*IP addresses for the new EU SaaS instances have been provided and if you have firewall rules setup on agents you will need to allow the existing IP and the new one listed above - most customers DO NOT setup IP restrictions in their firewalls - so most customers will not be impacted.

Additional Steps for Customers Integrated to BMS/Vorex or IT Glue

1 - If you have integrations setup with BMS/Vorex, you will need to login to BMS/Vorex and point the integration to your new VSA URL.  To do this, login to BMS/Vorex and navigate to Admin->Service Desk->RMM Integration and edit the integration changing the Server URL to your new VSA URL from the table above.

2 - IF you have integrations setup with IT Glue, you will need to login to IT Glue and point the integration to your new VSA URL.  To do this, login to IT Glue and navigate to Account->Integrations and edit the service "Kaseya" changing the Kaseya Server Hostname to the hostname from the table above (i.e. euvsaXX.kaseya.net where "XX" is the number indicated in the above table).



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