What can I do if I have forgotten my Kaseya SaaS username?


I am a Kaseya SaaS customer and have forgotten my username, what can I do?


There are a couple of options here.

1. Firstly, if there is another user in your organization that can still log in, ask them to log in to Kaseya VSA Page then go to the System Tab -> Users -> User Security page.

Here they will see a list of all the users, and they can reset the password.

Hopefully be able to refresh your memory

2. If there are no other users who can help, create a support ticket by visiting - https://helpdesk.kaseya.net

The support team will need to know your email address, and also your company name. With this information, they will be able to find your details and assist you.


Your username is usually your email address which you registered with Kaseya, so try this first.

Also check your email, as you will have received a welcome mail when you signed up, this will most likely have gone to the same address that you use for your login

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