Cloud Platform Content- Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kaseya Content on the Cloud Servers (SAAS)?
- Why is Kaseya providing content?

Kaseya’s Cloud-based Solutions provide users with an on-demand service delivery platform which requires no hardware or software to run, except for a web browser. To further simplify the use of Kaseya’s solutions, a pre-configured content pack is included with all account sign ups. The pre-configured content will provide new users with immediate results from their Kaseya solution by simply installing one of the provided agent packages onto any machine (PC or MAC). There are different configurations provided so the user can select which one applies best to their use case. By providing pre-configured content, Kaseya users spend more time measuring results versus configuring software.

- What is the content?

The content that is included with Kaseya’s Cloud-based Solutions is a collection of best practice-based components that simplify the use of Kaseya’s platform. The content includes monitor/event/SNMP sets, patch management settings, agents procedures, templates, agent installation packages, views, and reports that provide any new Kaseya user with a wealth of knowledge right out of the box. New users will spend more time measuring results versus configuring software. The content has been used extensively by our NOC Services Team in providing managed services to many customers.

- What changes can I make to the content?

Depending on the Kaseya On-Demand product you have signed up for, the pre-configured content may be changed by a user. However, changing the content could affect other elements of the content. For example, changing the agent procedure name of the weekly maintenance process will affect the System Activity value on the Executive Summary Report. If a user desires to make a change to the content, the best practice is to make a copy of the specific content prior to making the actual changes. The content is there to be used as necessary, and does provide an “out of the box” user experience with Kaseya. If the user over the course of using the solution does elect to make changes to the provided content and/or delete the content, the user understands that there is no way to restore the original content.
Kaseya will only support the original Content provided as described here. Kaseya will not support any modifications to the Content.

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