BMS (v4.0.42) - Mar 2021

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

New Features

Bundles in Quotes - An extension of the product bundles concept, a Quote Bundle is a container that holds multiple quotable items of any type, e.g., products, services, and T&M. This feature enables the MSP to easily create new quotes for common scenarios, like client site setups, frequent charges, and workstation configurations.  

Xero Integration - PSA integration with Xero now supports OAuth 2.0. Using this we have implemented the offline mode scope which allows the user to keep their integrated session active. This means that there will no longer be a 30 mins limitation to an active session. We use refresh tokens to keep the sessions activated. The session will be disconnected once the user manually chooses to Disconnect from Xero from the setup page. 

Classes in Accounts - Automate adding classes to Invoices by mapping class to an account. 

New KB Articles

  • PSA | Ways to create tickets - This guide provides a summary of different ways one can create a ticket in PSA. Using any of the below-mentioned methods one can create tickets for your organization. 
  • Testing IMAP connections for email parser - Email parsers in PSA use IMAP protocol to parse the emails from a mailbox to tickets. If the setup fails due to any connection issues, we recommend testing your configuration on the test connectivity tool. If the connections indicate a failure here it would evidently also fail when setting up with PSA. This guide shows you an example of how to perform this test. 

Release Notes


In Ad-Hoc Reports, in the Finance category Invoice Design Details and Contracts fields can be added to the report so that users can design invoices that contain contract and invoice line items.

Service Desk 

When the Email Parser creates tickets based on an incoming email, and the To line contains multiple addresses, all addresses on that line, other than the support email address, are added as CCs on the ticket.

Service Desk 

Fixed: Batch actions on tickets with Issue Type populated failed and the system displayed an error message.

Service Desk 

Fixed: If the connection to the mail server was temporarily interrupted the email parser could miss emails when converting emails to tickets.

Service Desk 

Fixed: In Knowledge Base articles, hyperlinks rendered as plain text and so they were not clickable.

    • A hyperlink manager button is added. a.png
RMM Integration

Fixed: In RMM Integration, the Sync All Assets button did not respect the Asset Category settings from the Asset Mapping section.


Fixed: Rich text formatting on the Summary field of quotes was lost during conversion.


Fixed: The idle ticket settings in workflows would not trigger in certain scenarios.

Inventory Fixed: When adding a product to a Purchase Order, the product catalog displayed quantity using a currency format rather than an integer format.

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