Troubleshooting KNM Monitors not Sending any Alerts.

Question: How to troubleshoot KNM monitors when they are not sending any alerts?

Answer: See below:

1. Enable verbose logging by setting LOG_LEVEL = 2 in the Init.cfg file

  • Can be useful when debugging mail and SMS sending behavior for example. Can also be changed while Network Monitor is running.
  • Navigate to <Windows Drive>\Kaseya\knm, open the init.cfg file and add the following lines:

2. Collect the logs and send this over to Kaseya Support via a ticket to further investigate.

  • The verbose system log is kept in a separate text file: <Kaseya_Installation_Directory>\Logs\Services\KaseyaNetworkMonitor.log.

Note: Please note that these steps are only applicable to On-Premise customers; and applies to all KNMi VSA versions.

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