BMS-VSA Integration | Enabling periodic asset sync


Asset information from VSA is synchronized to BMS daily with Periodic Asset Sync. BMS runs a scheduled nightly job to get the latest asset information from VSA. With nightly sync, asset information is updated from VSA to BMS. Any new asset or updates on the assets will be matched and pushed to the asset data in BMS. All imported assets from VSA can be reviewed on the Hardware Assets page in the Service Desk module.



  • Asset sync is based on database object assetid of the assets in VSA. BMS matches the data to the asset IDs and performs necessary actions.
  • Actions performed on VSA will be actioned as below. 


API action


Using Discovery a device is promoted to an Asset


Matching asset is created

Using Discovery an Agent is deployed to an Asset


Matching asset data is updated to include agent details like live connect, login information, etc.

Agent is installed using the Agent module


Matching asset is created

Asset is demoted to a device


Matched asset is marked inactive

Asset/Agent data is updated


Matched asset data is updated


  • Any update made to the VSA-matched Asset in BMS is always overwritten on the next sync. 
  • When you modify a matched asset in the UI, the asset will have reverted the changes. The asset will match to the data present in VSA  on the next sync. 
  • When a matched asset is deleted in BMS but is still present in VSA, the asset is re-imported on the next sync.
  • A manual import from the Assets Synchronization page allows 100 records per sync.
  • The Sync all Assets button in the Assets Synchronization page can be used to bulk import from VSA.
  • An individual asset can be synced in real-time by using the Sync button available on the asset under Service Desk > Assets Management > Hardware Assets.






  1. Navigate to Admin > Service Desk > RMM Integration Settings > General Settings.
  2. In the Enable Periodic Asset Sync section, select the Yes option.



When Sync All Assets and Periodic Asset sync occurs logs are generated. This can be reviewed under Admin > Service Desk > RMM Integration Settings > Integration Logs. The sync pushes RMM data and all the assets are updated. 


Periodic Sync schedules

Nightly sync happens after midnight based on the server your BMS tenant is on. 

US servers,, and EST hours
EMEA servers, London hours
APAC servers, Sydney hours


If an asset is deleted from VSA and the record is not marked inactive in BMS, check VSA API Logs. VSA is responsible for deactivating an Asset when deleted. VSA should publish Deactivate API Call to BMS. 

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