System module > User Roles > Access Rights throws an error for "kapps" database.

Problem: When accessing the Access Rights tab in System > User Roles, we get this error:

The server principal 'kaseyaVSAXXX' is not able to access the database "kapps"

Cause: The database "kapps" does not have the correct Server Roles to complete this action.

Resolution: Follow these steps and try again to see if the error gets cleared up:

1. Open SQL Server Management Studio and log in

2. Once logged in, expand the Security > Logins folder

3. Right-click on the affected username 'kaseyaVSAXXX' and select Properties

4. Ensure it has these two roles: public and sysadmin

5. Choose the User Mapping tab from the above window, and select kapps

6. Add db_owner and public to the affected username 'kaseyaVSAXXX'.

7. Confirm that the issue gets cleared up in the UI.

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