Why can't I login to my BYOD Gateway from Secure Browser?


Why can't I login to my BYOD Gateway from Secure Browser?

Attempting to login to a BYOD Gateway returns an error.


Logging into a BYOD Gateway requires having the correct Access Code, Username and Password to access the BYOD Gateway.

If any of this information is not entered correctly you will not be granted access to a BYOD Gateway. Contact your BYOD Gateway Administrator to verify your login information is correct and the BYOD Gateway is configured correctly.

If the user is not approved to access the BYOD Gateway you may recieve an error accessing the gateway. Contact your BYOD Gateway Administrator to verify you are approved to access the BYOD Gateway.


The BYOD Gateway Administrator can perform the following tests to confirm the login credentials for configured users.

1. The first check is to make sure the device being used is approved to access the BYOD Gateway. Devices can be blocked and will not allow any users to login from that device. Check the Devices tab on the BYOD Gateway console and verify no devices are waiting for approvral or have been blocked by accident. If the device is not being blocked check the following to further check the login problem.

2. Set the user account to an admin account. This way you can login to the gateway console using the user creds. If you can’t login to the console with the credentials in question then try resetting the password if using a BYOD password. Remember the user name and password are case sensitive. If using Windows credentials verify the AD credentials are valid from the BYOD Gateway.

3. If the user credentials work as admin credentials but still fail when logging in from Secure Browser then verify the gateway is connected to the relay service.

4. Make sure you are using the latest version of the Secure Browser. Delete any previous sites for this gateway from your site list and then try adding this gateway with the same creds as above and the Access Code from the Network tab. If it still fails check your portal-access.log file. This file will be in your BYOD Gateway Data Directory. Check the About tab for this location.

You should see two entries like these when a client requests site info for your BYOD Gateway: - - [05/Oct/2011:13:03:04] "GET /siteinfo/ HTTP/1.0" 401 - "-" "Chromis/ (CL 3; iPhone)" - username [05/Oct/2011:13:03:05] "GET /siteinfo/ HTTP/1.0" 200 945 "" "Chromis/ (CL 3; iPhone)"

The first request gets a 401 returned challenging the client for credentials. The client then makes the request again this time sending the username and password  The second request gets a 200 status if the creds are accepted.

If you do not get a 200 status for the GET siteinfo then the username or password are not accepted. Verify they are being entered correctly, remember they are case sensitive.

If you do not get any request for siteinfo in the portal-access.log file then the access_code looks to be incorrect. The access_code is used to relay the request to the correct BYOD Gateway. If the siteinfo request is not received by your BYOD Gateway it is most likely because the access_code is not correct.


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