How does the BYOD Suite secure my data?


I want to access corporate data from my mobile device but am concerned about security. What does the BYOD Suite do to secure my data? Does Kaseya have access to my data?


How does the BYOD Suite secure my data?

Kaseya does not have access to your data. What the gateway does in response to a request from the mobile device is to fetch the file (or data) requested, then encrypts it using AES256-strength encryption, using the users password as part of the unique key.

This encrypted payload is then sent via HTTPS to our cloud-based services that in turn relay them to the mobile device. Since the payload is encrypted, there is no way to see the contents of what is being exchanged.

Once a payload has been successfully relayed, it is deleted from the cloud-based servers.

Once the payload arrives on the mobile device, it remains encrypted in the client cache. The only time the information is unencrypted once it leaves the gateway is when an authorized user is logged into the mobile App and they are actually viewing that particular payload. Once they exit the app the payload remains encrypted on the mobile device cache.

We did all this to ensure HIPAA compliance as well as meeting other security standards and requirements.

We designed the product to allow institutions with sensitive information to be assured that their information would remain secured as it was sent to the mobile devices, as well as once it was on the mobile device.

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