Can I copy clone a virtual machine with a BYOD Gateway?


As environments have become increasingly complex, especially in large organizations, companies are trying to reduce their IT footprint. Server virtualization is a common practice in both production and test environments because it facilitates a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Can I copy/Clone a virtual machine with BYOD gateway?

BYOD Gateway supports running in a Virtual Machine but we do not recommend copying or cloning a provisioned BYOD Gateway. Once a BYOD Gateway is registered/provisioned it is assigned unique configuration parameters to communicate with the relay service. Copying or cloning this BYOD Gateway could cause a conflict with the original BYOD Gateway if they both attempt to run at the same time.

You can create a Virtual Machine image including an installed BYOD Gateway that has not been registered/provisioned. The BYOD Gateway registers itself the first time you start the BYOD Gateway service and run the BYOD Gateway Control Panel. A Virtual Machine image including an installed, but not registered, BYOD Gateway would simply need to start the service and register the BYOD Gateway to provision a new/unique BYOD Gateway.


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