How can I find my gateway data directory


How can I find my gateway data directory


The BYOD Gateway Data Directory is where YOUR BYOD Gateway stores its configuration, logs and add-on connectors. You will need to view files in the Data Directory in some cases. The location is specified on the About tab of the Rover Gateway Console. The default location is different based on the Operating System. The default options are:

Gateway data directory:

C:\ProgramData\Kaseya\Kaseya BYOD Gateway
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaseya\Kaseya BYOD Gateway

Verify your gateway is using this location by checking the "About" tab on the Gateway control panel. If you location is different, use that location instead when looking for your Data Directory.

The directory is a hidden folder so it will not show up by default using Windows Explorer. To navigate to this location you will need to manually enter the location C:\ProgramData in the Windows Explorer address bar. You should now see the items for this folder and be able to navigate to the BYOD Gateway folder.


The information in the Data Directory is unique to YOUR BYOD Gateway and should not be copied/shared with any other BYOD Gateway. Be careful not to delete/edit any items in the BYOD Gateway Data Directory as it could affect your BYOD Gateway operation. Before making any changes it is recommended to make a backup of the BYOD Gateway Data Directory. You can then restore the Data Directory back to a working copy when the backup was saved in the case your changes stop the gateway from working.

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