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Cannot upload large ISO in the KDPM vPro section

KB# KKB000916


Cannot upload  large ISO in the desktop policy and migration ->vPro page . Timeout page appears .


Due to IIS limitations on file uploads, uploading very large ISO files may cause problems. The following workaround enables to detect existence of files manually uploaded to the VSA and import them into the system:


1.       Connect to the KServer machine, and browse to the [Kaseya installation folder]\WebPages\ManagedFiles\VSAHiddenFiles\KUSM\vPro\ISOUpload directory (create it if it does not exist);

2.       Place the ISO files to import into that folder;

3.       In the VSA, navigate to Desktop Policy & Migration, vPro -> vPro Management, and in the “Advanced” toolbar menu select the “Manage ISOs” item;

4.       A message will inform you that ISOs have been detected, click YES to import them;

5.       The new ISOs will now appear in the list.

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