What are the vPro Configuration Requirements?

What are the vPro Configuration Requirements?


VPro Configuration Requirements

   § The agent cannot be on the vPro machine. It has to be on a different machine in the same LAN.

   § The VPro machine being booted must be VPro 3.0 or greater.

   § SOL/IDE-R must be enabled in the Intel AMT BIOS extension. This cannot be done remotely.

   § The agent machine used to boot the vPro machine, the VPro machines being booted and the UNC must all be on the same LAN.

   § Only UNC shares can be specified. Mapped drives are not allowed.

   § Credentials must be defined in advance, providing access to:

       o The agent machine

       o The UNC share on the LAN.

       o The vPro machine - vPro credentials are configured either during LAN Watch scan or by clicking on the credentials icon in the grid. The network credentials are gathered along with the UNC when the ISO boot icon is clicked in the grid.


ISO boot is implemented via the following components:

   § VProProxy.dll - This dll is used by the agent on the agent machine to communicate with the VPro machine.

   § Redirect.exe - This process is run with the passed in network credentials and manages the virtual drive.


The following are switches sent to VProProxy.dll when doing an ISO boot.

   § -redirect - We're going to do a redirect operation. Possible values - command

   § -username - The VPro user name (like admin)

   § -password - The password for the VPro user

   § -ip - The ip address of the target machine

   § -iso - The UNC path to the ISO image

   § -redirectPath - The path to redirect.exe

   § -o - The full name and path of the out file for VProProxy.dll

   § -redirectOut - The full name and path of the out file for redirect.exe

   § -netUsername - The name of the network user with authority to access iso image. Name must be in the form of name@domain.

   § -newPassword - The password for the network user

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