How to resolve Red Icon / Alarm icon in the Alarm status in KNM

How to resolve Red Icon / Alarm icon in the Alarm status 
If the Test fails in one of the monitor It will display an Alarm icon (red box with exclamation point )
This will remain in the Alarm State until  
  1. the test no longer fails, or
  2. the Alarm is acknowledge by a user 
To acknowledge the alarm:
  • Navigate to Monitoring > View > Device Node> Select the Monitors that you would want to acknowledge the alarm
  • On the Left Panel > command view > Select Acknowledge Alarm

  • The Acknowledge Alarm window will appear. 
  • Under Modify the Selected monitors , choose Clear alarm status from the drop down list and click Acknowledge Alarm button





KNM integrated versions 

VSA  7 , R8 , R9 


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