KNM service will not start after upgrade


After upgrading the Kaseya to VSA the KNM service fails to start.




1. Please check the port configured in the SQL Server Configuration Manager > SQL Server Network Configuration> Select protocol <SQL Instance> Select TCP/IP protocol > right click > Properties> II Address> ALL IPs - check if port is set to 1433 , if not, please set this to 1433.

2. Then you will have to recycle the SQL services for the setting to take effect this will bring your Kaseya Server down temporarily in few minutes while recycling the service,

3. Restart Kaseya Network Service (nmservice.exe)

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, please log a Support ticket, indicating you have already followed these steps

Make sure you include the following information in the ticket:
1.) crash dmp file from the KNM install folder
2.) Zip Event logs
3.) Access to your Kserver


Does not apply

VSA v7.0 and above.

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