Monitoring SQL Database Tables with KNMi

KNMi provides the ability to monitor SQL and SQL tables with the KNM Gateway.

This is a tutorial on how to configure and monitor the SQL Server/SQL Database tables.

First you will need SQL Server Account credentials to monitor/read the database in most cases.

This can be done by selecting the Device > Edit > Authentication tab. On the authentication tab you want to ensure you use the proper SQL Server Account Credential type:



Ensure that the credentials will have sufficient access to monitor the database. If it does not have sufficient permissions it will throw an error.

Once you have credentials applied, use the SQL Server monitor type from the Device > Add New monitor option:



Once you have performed this, you can leverage a query within the SQL Server monitor to monitor various database tables, including Kaseya Server SQL tables:



Once applied, you should be able to verify if the monitor is returning a proper value. In this case it will return a count for KNMi Licenses in use:






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