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Gateway cannot be installed in KNM


Gateway cannot be installed in KNM is because the probe is not present .


Solution :

Automatic harvest should never be enable and the "noNetwork" should never be renamed or scanned 

Unnamed network are present when:

  • the Automatic harvest is enable, every time a computer discovers a new network the system will create a new "unnamed" network.
  • if a device which is not assigned to any network popup in the vsa and the container "noNetwork" was renamed or scanned this one will be absent or create an "unnamed " network

To solve the problem we need to delete all the "unnamed" network and machines in the GridView and Lan Network 
When a machine without a network pops up in Discovery this machine will be automatically assigned to the container " noNetwork" 
When all the machines are deleted they will be present in this container, and when the probe is present in this container you will be able to create
your network with the probe present in this container. If after several days the device is not present the agent must be reinstalled.

If you create your Network and the probe is not present in the container , this one will not be present in KNM and you will not be able to install the Gateway

Only windows 7/ 2008/2012 can be used for the probe,, ( XP,8 /8.1 are not supported )

  • If this network was scanned or renamed there will not be any container and all the machines will be present as " unnamed" or not present
  • If this network was scanned or renamed you should contact support.





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