How Do I Setup the Gateway Disconnect Notification in KNMi?


How do I set a notification for when the gateway disconnects from the KServer?


The workflow to set up the gateway disconnect notification has changed from standalone KNM to integrated KNM.

Step 1

Make sure you set up your email server in the System > Server Management > Outbound Email page under the General tab. KNM uses the configuration set in this page for its own internal email server to send emails.

Step 2

Navigate to Network Monitor > User > User Notification Groups and set up the default Administrators user group. You can also create a new group specifically for this purpose.

Step 3

Navigate to Network Monitor > Monitoring > View page and click on the network you want to set the notification on. Then click the Edit button on the right hand side.


In the Edit gateway page, click on the Advanced tab. Under the Misc Settings, pick the appropriate user group in the drop down menu next to Notification user group. Then click the Save button.


Once this is set, all users under the chosen user group will receive an email once the gateway has been offline for 10 minutes. 

Applicable To

All versions of KNM integrated. 

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