How Do I Discover SNMP Enabled Devices?


How do I discover SNMP enabled devices in the Discovery module?


There are some easy steps you can do to discovery SNMP enabled devices to monitor them either through Classic Monitor or Network Monitor.

1. Navigate to Discovery > Networks > LAN Watch by Network.


2. Either click on the New or Edit button (depending on if you are creating a new network or going to scan an existing network). In the wizard, click on the SNMP tab. Then, click the check box next to Enable SNMP and enter the community string. Then click the Save & Scan button.


3. You can view the scan results and see the found network devices.


4. You can visit Monitor > SNMP Monitoring > Assign SNMP or Network Monitor > Monitoring > View to see the found devices and assets, depending on the tool you will use.



Applicable To

All versions of Kaseya (Kaseya 7 and up for Network Monitor).

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