How to move KNM v5 to a new host machine


How to move Kaseya Network Monitor (KNM v5) installation to a new host machine.

NOTE: The instructions below apply to KNM version 5 ONLY.



  1. If you have configured gateways to connect to a specific IP address or host name, make sure that all gateways are configured to connect to the new KNM host machine before proceeding.
  2. Install KNM on the new machine. After installation stop the KNM service
  3. Stop the current KNM installation by clicking shutdown on the from the 'System administration' page under the Settings menu.
  4. Make a backup of the whole KNM directory on the current host machine.
  5. Copy the following folders and files from the current KNM installation to the new KNM installation.
    1. \scripts
    2. \backup
    3. \dashboard
    4. \logs
    5. \mibs
    6. \reports
    7. \rmstorage
    8. \templates
    9. init.cfg
    10. server.nxd 
    11. settings.rds
    12. toplist.rds
  6. If you have enabled web server HTTPS, move the certificate to the new machine
  7. If you have developed your own system type or modified a default system type, make sure to move those files from the \system directory to the \system directory on new KNM installation.
  8. Start the KNM service on the new machine.
  9. Uninstall KNM from the old machine.



Kaseya Network Monitor (KNM) v5 ONLY.



If you want to move a KNM v4 installation, check this other article.

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