Missing performance counters


Missing performance counters

When using the Windows performance monitor certain objects and/or counters are missing



The performance registry may become corrupt for various reasons and it may be necessary to rebuild the performance register on the monitored machine. For information on how to rebuild the performance registry, consult the following Microsoft support article.


Rebuild performance register


Error message "WMI class not found"

If the "WMI class not found" error is triggered by any of the following monitors and the object has the use WMI flag set, the performance register of the monitored device is damaged and needs rebuilding.


- Bandwidth monitor

- CPU monitor

- Disk monitor

- Memory monitor

- Process monitor

- Swap monitor


Rebuilding WMI classes from the performance registry

Follow the steps outlined in this Microsoft support article:




When the performance register have been rebuilt you need to reload the WMI classes by issuing the following command from the command line

wmiadap.exe /f




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