Monitoring RDP Sessions

Kaseya Network Monitor v4.1, build 7394 or later
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services / 2008 Remote Desktop Services 

These Lua script monitors will monitor a Microsoft RDP enabled server för session processes. The threshold can be set for CPU or memory usage. There are two versions of this script.

  1. WMI_RDP_Session_Perf_Process.lua
    Monitors all session processes, regardless of who is the owner. After choosing CPU or memory, you set the threshold (percent for CPU and kb for memory) and you can also set a specific process you want to monitor. The script will set an alarm if any session process (or the specified one) is above the threshold. The script also saves the total CPU or memory usage for statistics. The difference when it comes to statistics for this monitor and a regular CPU or memory monitor is that it strictly monitors RDP sessions, no other processes like console logons and server services.
  2.  WMI_RDP_Session_Perf_User.lua
    Monitors all session processes but can filter by user. You can set domain (or computer) with a username and monitor CPU or memory usage for the specified user. If no user information has been set, the script works exactly likeWMI_RDP_Session_Perf_Process.lua without a specified process.

Download the scripts below, and save them in your script folder in your KNM installation folder. Then add a Lua script monitor to choose one of the downloaded scripts.


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