Monitoring AhsayOBS user quotas

Kaseya Network Monitor v4.x

AhsayOBS needs to be configured for the KNM host/gateway to use the API, by default only localhost has access. Please refer to the the AhsayOBS manual (guide_obs_admin.pdf, section 24.3) on how to change the scope of IP addresses that can connect using the API.

This script will use AhsayOBS's XML API to list all logins. If the user hits the threshold for the quota, the script will fail and set an alarm. Since the script does not write to the AhsayOBS database, it will continue failing until either the data size has been decreased or quota set higher.

The script takes three parameters:

  1. Threshold
  2. Port. The TCP port used by the web service
  3. Secure. Whether or not to use SSL to connect to the web service

The presented result will be either that all logins were OK (below threshold) or that one or more logins hit the threshold, including a list of the failed logins.


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