Performance monitor counters for Processor and Memory are unavailable


Performance monitor counters for Processor and Memory are unavailable. These cannot be used locally in perfmon nor can they be successfully deployed via monitorsets.


Likely this is caused by a registry key that was set by Windows automatically:


In it there is probably a Disable Performance Counters value that is set to 1. Please change the value to 0 and reboot the computer.

The Performance Library (Perflib) uses [the Disable Performance Counters flag] to disable counters that cause serious errors. This prevents the troublesome counters from jeopardizing the display of all performance counters on the system. You can use this entry to re-enable the counters for a service after the counter DLL has been repaired or replaced

There's also other PerfXX keys @ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services. If you're missing other counters, try look into these or do a registry find for Disable Performance Counters.

For more information on this Microsoft issue please refer to the following document:

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