Best Practices for Monitoring - VSA 9

Creating Kaseya VSA Monitor Set with a re-arm time of 0 seconds or any overly brief duration, which subsequently activates alarms or generates tickets, carries the risk of causing performance difficulties. Opting for a shorter time frame could lead to a substantial rise in alarm occurrences and an increased frequency of ticket generation, emails sent out or addition of ticket notes, thereby negatively impacting system performance. It is recommended to specify longer re-arm periods, and we suggest starting with a re-arm time of 1 hour or more.



“Enabling matching” for the monitor set is advantageous when monitoring services on your machines. With matching enabled, alarms will only be generated if the specified service is stopped on the assigned machine*. If left unchecked, this scenario would lead to the creation of a "Service Does Not Exist" alarms. When combined with a short re-arm time, this could potentially result in an overwhelming influx of alarms being sent to the Monitor Alarms , email notifications, or the service desk ticket.


If you observe recurring alarms frequently on the Alarm Summary page, in tickets or emails being sent out it is advisable to reconsider your configuration settings for er-arm time. Neglecting to address these alarms could lead to performance issues over time.


*”Update lists By Scan” are required to be scheduled to detect Service changes.

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