Perfmon continues to run after Kaseya Agent has been removed




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    Scott Hickey

    That is a problem with most of the Kaseya functions. It applies setting and does not undo the settings when removed. Then it is up to the admin to spend more labor tracking down what the VSA did and manually undo things. Its basically just an elaborate batch file processor. No thought put into thinking things thru on the design of most the pieces. One way thinking. 

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    John Nuttall

    Agreed, in some cases, when you uninstall the agent, you would want all the changes it made removing, but the uninstaller tool has no way of knowing what you are thinking.

    If you had used the agent to install software on the machine or make configuration changes, would you want those to all be reversed when you uninstall the agent? What if you are uninstalling the agent in order to update to a newer version, would you want all the monitoring to be removed in the interim?

    The uninstaller removes the Kaseya Agent from a machine, that is all. If you need configuration changes, software or other settings removing, then just remember to do this first, before removing the agent.

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