How can I change the monitoring of certain counters without changing the whole monitor set

I have configured a Kaseya Performance Monitor to monitor all the drives on a machine.
However, I do not want certain drives to be monitored.
How can I disable monitoring on some drives, but leave the others active - I don't want to have lots of different monitor sets?

Kaseya has a concept called "INDividualised monitor sets". This allows you to apply a broad monitor set to a machine, such as one that monitors *ALL drives, but then allow you to change that set, to individualise it, on a per machine basis.
Go to the Monitor Tab -> Assign Monitoring
Just to the left of the monitor set name, you will see a little icon that looks like a chart (not the notepad), click this.
This pops up another window, showing you the currently assigned monitors.
Make the changes that you want and save these.

You will now notice that the monitor set name has (IND) in front of it, to tell you that it is INDividualised - it is based on the main monitor set, but has been altered just for this machine

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