Why Are Counters Not Responding


Some or all of the performance counters are not working.  



Kaseya has developed a diagnostic process that you can run on affected machines. This app will interrogate the machine and inform you why your monitoring is not working and in most cases how to fix it.

Create the "Managed Files" folder of "MDwhyIsMonitoringNotWorking" within the "Shared" folder.


 Upload the attached file "MDwhyIsMonitoringNotWorking.exe" to the above location.


 Import the attached XML which will create an agent procedure with the name of   "MDWhyIsMonitoringNotWorking" 


When executing this script you'll be presented with this screen that asks you 1 question.


The question is "MonitorsetId Number to Test." Is asking you which monitor set assigned to this machine should be tested against the machine.

You can find this Number from the Assign Monitoring"  tab


The results will be written to the kworking directory and the file will be called "MDwhyIsMonitoringNotWorking.txt"

Note: You can execute this script across multiple machines, assuming they all have the monitor set in question 

After running you'll see a detailed file, MDwhyIsMonitoringNotWorking.txt, containing the monitoring debug process.

The debug process and be broken down into two parts

1) The first is machine-specific issues.


2) The second part deals with Object, Counter Instance issues for every row in the monitorset. 


Applies to  

Windows performance counters only ( not services or processes. ) However, some of the issues identified by this application may also be the same reason why they don't work too.

Additional information  

To identify machines that have counters that are not responding ( are having issues ) please see the below KB


To redeploy Lua because Lua has been identified at the issue please see this KB


If a result is retuned asking you to run "FixPerfmonCounters_Delete" please see this KB


This application will identify a number of reasons why the monitoring is not working that are not "Kaseya" issues but issues with the machine itself.

I have created this topic for customers to allow customers to share how they have fixed the various "Customer to resolve issues"


XML Version 2

Added support for EXE version 2.1 

Added support for workingDirs with spaces in them

EXE Version 2.1

Change log


Added a new Issue and how to resolve


Added support for objects with spaces in them.  


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