How do I monitor a Windows Event?


How do I monitor a Windows Event?


To monitor a Windows event, you would need to create an Event Log set in the Monitor module.

To do this, you would need to collect some data from the event you want to monitor. Let's use the following event as an example:


Listed in the box, there are 4 pieces of information that are needed. The next step is to log into the VSA and navigate to Monitor > Agent Monitoring > Event Log Alerts. Before creating the event log set, you need to set the Event Log type and the event level, based on the event you want to monitor.


Next, select <New Event Set> from the drop down menu to open the Event Sets wizard.



Type in the name of the event set in the text field under Event Set Name and click the New button. You can also import an event log set in this screen. In the following screen, fill out the source and event ID and click the Add button. 


You can also enter the Task Category under Category Filter, User under User Filter, and the information under the General window under Description Filter. For the description filter, you can put the whole error message or use the wildcard (*) character fo filter part of the description.

When the Event Log set is complete, click the Close link, then select the event set in the drop down menu and Apply it to an agent machine. NOTE: You may need to reload the page before the Event Set appears in the drop down menu. Also, make sure you select the correct event level and type.

Also, set the occurrence of the event you want to monitor. Then, click on the Set Alert Actions tab to set the alert actions.


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